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I got rhythm ;) 始めちゃいました ;)

先日、ゲットしたワンダフルなシンバル。音もすごくよくて、私好みでとっても気に入ってます。Good Friend Ericにはホントに感謝です:) その上、スティックがないんだっていったら、3setもくれました。 Ericちょーいい人です。

ありがとう:) ということでゲットしちゃったです、Drum set・・・


で、せっかくDrum setゲットしたので、友達を誘ってお家でジャムセッション。






明日はクリスマスイヴ。 私はいつも通り go to YOGA schoolです :)

I got a wonderfuk cymbal!!! It sounds beautiful. I really like it. I'd like to thank to good friend Eric!! and He gave me 3 set of sticks. What a great friend he is. Thank you so much.

So I got Drum set finally. I'm practicing everyday, and already got a shoulder pain..

or It might be because of practicing YOGA...

I had a Jam session at home these days. I worried about the noise. But I didn't need to worry about it. because they played really beautiful and wonderful. I really appriciate neighbors that we could play some songs. There is a small clip of the jam.

Also I'm enjoying playing drums.When I can play unconsciously,I feel really comfortable and really fun.

Playing music, Practicing YOGA, tring something new, and playing music with some good friends.

I really feel happy everyday.

I'm thinking I want to write about YOGA in NYC next time. I will be happy if it can help someone who wants to take some yoga classes in NYC.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I Will go to YOGA school as usual ;)

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