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Oops...I got a fever.. 風邪ひきました。。


先週からのどの調子がおかしいなぁと思っていたのですが、数日前から少し熱がでてきて、昨日久しぶりに高熱をだしてしまって。。。でもなぜか元気なので、熱が上がったのもわからず、家でもYOGAの練習したり、Yoga Schoolいって思いっきり練習してたり。。




ずっとずっと練習しているForearm stand(フォアアームスタンド)。


皆様も風邪などひかないよう気をつけてくださいね。素敵な一日を :)

After I started doing some yoga, I rarely catch a cold. But I got a cold...

I have a sore throat from last week, and I got a fever a few days ago. My temperature went up yesterday...

But you know..I'm fine I feel not bad. I didn't noticed that I had a fever. So I practiced Yoga hard at home and at school yesterday.

Today my temperature went down a little. but I lost my voice... oh I really want to practice singing and yoga.

I did too much I worked too hard..maybe. I have a show on 14th. so I have to rest and get well.

But you know I can't take a rest..I might still practice today.

I'm practicing "Forearm stand" for a while. I got it little by little.

Untill next shoorting photos I might do it better than now. Ah..I want to practice as soon as possible.

Take care not to catch a cold. and please keep warm.

Have a wonderful day :)

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