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YOGA tutorial video レッスンYOUTUBE作ってます。



日本語で解説してます。 一つ一つアーサナの解説を作ったり、これからは一緒に15分でできるヨガとか作っていけたらなぁと考えています。




何かリクエストがあったらぜひぜひ教えてくださいね :)


Enjoy YOGA life!!

I started making some yoga tutorial videos. ...There are only 2 clips now..

But I'm thinking I want to make more.

These are in Japanese. I will make some tutorials of some yoga asanas and also 15min lesson clip which anybody can practice with me.

At the first I want to share the tutorial of sun salutation.

When you practice Chaturanga, If you are beginner, I suggest to knees down first.

Or keep knees up and all the body down. and take upward facing dog.

It's the most important thing if it is comfortable for you.

Using breath when you practice Sun Salutation is really comfortable.

To practice some sun salutations in the morning is really good for you to spend a good day.

You can practice closing eyes, you can stay some cycle of breath at plank pose.

Please listen your body, your heart and feelings.

I hope you enjoy YOGA life!!!

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